Finding a silver lining in all of this…

“Enlightenment is when the wave realizes it is the ocean.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

What a surreal time we’re in and how eye-opening it is that a pandemic can happen so quickly and affect so many. Our hearts go out to the families and friends who have lost loved ones. We watch in unbelieving silence the crisis in European countries and listen to the warnings that experts repeat over and over telling us that it’s coming our way and to prepare and stay home for as long as necessary.

Will people still want to take a vacation in Maine this summer and fall? We are getting inquiries and some bookings, but not that many, and it doesn’t surprise us. People have immediate priorities that don’t involve vacationing and that’s the way it should be.

We have had a few inquiries, especially from families looking to leave NYC for a few weeks and find a rental home in this area. We do have a few houses available, even though our area is not a popular destination at this time of year (which is why we locals go on vacation!). It’s probably looking pretty good to those in corona virus hotspots but is it a good idea for us locals? We’re not going to escape the virus. Are these good-hearted people speeding up the virus surge? There is an interesting article in the Ellsworth American this week.

We’re hoping you are all doing well and finding a silver lining in all of this. For me, perhaps a silver lining is paying more attention to my home and finding the rake to begin winter cleanup. I’ve also cleaned off my desk and am feeling more organized in that department. Perhaps I’ll even paint the room that has been waiting on me for months.

How about you? Are you finding any silver linings that you want to share?

Sending our best to you!

Published by Blue Hill Bay Property Rentals

We're a mother/daughter-in-law team and owners of Blue Hill Bay Property Rentals on Maine's Blue Hill Peninsula. We represent individually owned, unique, mostly waterfront and water view properties. We love this area of Maine that we've always called home. While a little on the quiet side compared to neighboring Bar Harbor, it's still bustling, and is home to amazing, diversified people who don't mind traveling a few hours to get to a big city (road trip!). Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor are just an hour's drive away and our area towns boast one-of-a-kind small businesses, award-winning restaurants, delicious take-outs (think lobster and crab rolls), galleries and shops. We're looking forward to introducing and sharing information that we think our readers will find interesting to experience when visiting the area.

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