It’s January!  Time to book your vacation rental!

Happy New Year!  It’s quiet here on the coast of Maine (except for a few crazy wind, freezing rain, and currently, a snow storm – finally!) but the phone and email are getting busier. So we thought we’d reach out and remind all of you folks dreaming of your Maine vacation to start looking! Now’sContinue reading “It’s January!  Time to book your vacation rental!”

So, you’re thinking of renting your property… here’s what we’ve learned so far that can help you decide…

Deciding to rent your house, cottage or cabin for short term rental income can be daunting to consider. We are here to help.

We are now Covid-19 Cleaning Certified

“Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world.” ~ George Bernard Shaw In our quest to learn all we can to thoroughly and efficiently clean our owners’ properties, and ensure that our cleaners, our guests, and ourselves stay safe from unwanted microbes, Chelsea and I haveContinue reading “We are now Covid-19 Cleaning Certified”

Thoughts on environmentally-friendly cleaning products and Covid-19….

“Organic: When we don’t mess with their chemistry, they won’t mess with our chemistry.”~Unknown The choice of cleaning products that we use is very important to us and when we started our property rental business Chelsea and I knew we would use environmentally-friendly products to clean the rental houses – products that will do noContinue reading “Thoughts on environmentally-friendly cleaning products and Covid-19….”

Finding a silver lining in all of this…

“Enlightenment is when the wave realizes it is the ocean.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh What a surreal time we’re in and how eye-opening it is that a pandemic can happen so quickly and affect so many. Our hearts go out to the families and friends who have lost loved ones. We watch in unbelieving silence theContinue reading “Finding a silver lining in all of this…”