Greetings from Blue Hill Maine where it’s a bit chilly (but not too bad). We had a couple of days of single digit temps (and below 0 at night) but it’s back up in the mid 30s again – so we’re having a bit of a heat wave! I added the above photo of Blue Hill Bay, all covered with snow and waiting for the spring thaw, to give you an idea of how the bay looks when our town isn’t yet bustling with summertime activity.

We really like our new website ( and hope our visitors will too. During these last few months (and with alot of help from our website guru Lisa) we’ve been planning, making lists, researching, writing, and rewriting content.

We also began wondering what potential guests might tell us if we asked what they would want from a property rental company (like ours!) and from a vacation rental home that they stayed in. So we’ve decided to ask our readers.

  1. In your opinion what would you look for in a vacation property rental company?
  2. Also in your opinion, what do you think is important to travelers in their rented vacation property? (Some examples we’ve heard are: a well-stocked kitchen, nice towels and bedding, etc.)

Thanks in advance for any feedback you’d like to contribute! Until next time….