Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken. –Oscar Wilde

This is the first post on our new blog and we couldn’t be more excited, because Chelsea (my wonderful daughter-in-law) and myself, Brenda, have just started our property rental and management business serving the Blue Hill Peninsula – an area that we know well because we’re born and raised here and live here with our families. We’re a millennial and a baby boomer combining our generational visions and ideas to offer our services to the wonderful visitors that are drawn to this beautiful area of our Maine Coast.

So why are we excited about our new business and blog? Well, speaking for myself (the baby boomer), I’ve worked in the property rental business for the past couple of years and found that I really like helping upcoming visitors secure rental homes and making the process as smooth, streamlined and worry free as possible. Along the way I developed my own ideas about how a property rental business should and shouldn’t operate, what guests want, and how best to support them. So, when I found myself between professions, and Chelsea ready to start a business, we knew what we wanted to do.

When we told our families about our plan, it became apparent that, between all of us, we’ve got the knowledge, skills and experience to provide property management services as well. Hence, our family business plan developed and we went to work to make it a reality.

Using our blog, Facebook and Instagram we plan to introduce our readers to this diverse and wonderful place that we call home. Whether it be interesting, fun locations, the variety of hiking trails, best places to swim and kayak, local farmers markets, little unique shops and galleries, incredible coffee, and helpful services, there is so much to tell our readers.

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