“Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

In our quest to learn all we can to thoroughly and efficiently clean our owners’ properties, and ensure that our cleaners, our guests, and ourselves stay safe from unwanted microbes, Chelsea and I have been researching best cleaning practices and found a short but very informative course from a website called CleaningCertification.com.

Here is what they say about their courses:

The courses have been developed to confirm and solidify knowledge of cleaning processes during normal times and during pandemic (COVID-19) and post-pandemic times for health, disinfection, and personal protection equipment processes.

Health and PPE information has been gathered from the CDC, WHO and OSHA and presented in an easily digestible way so that workers can remember the information.

The example cleaning processes presented in the courses are based on best practices developed for SARS. This is recommended by the CDC for COVID-19.

Well we’re pleased to report that we passed (it was touch and go in a few sections). They let you take the section quizzes over – up to 99 times. (I guess if you don’t get the answers right by then they figure you better do something else other than professional cleaning.)

We have now earned the right to display their badge in our marketing and I must say, we picked up some really good information. Anyone can take the short (about 40 minutes) course for $20.

Here is a link to check it out: https://www.cleaningcertification.com/?affcode=585362_utiwwvuf