So, you’re thinking of renting your property… here’s what we’ve learned so far that can help you decide…

Hi everyone!

We’re always looking for new (to us at least) rental properties to manage. If you’re thinking about renting your property, and it’s located on the Blue Hill Peninsula – yay!  We’d love to talk with you.

Here’s what we’ve been noticing:

  1. People are booking already! So if you’re thinking of renting – it’s time to contact us!
  2. Cleanliness (of course) is huge and surfaces that are easy to clean will save us a lot of time and encourage guests to also keep things clean.
  3. Guests, more and more, are combining vacation with their need to work, so reliable, high speed internet and a comfortable area are a plus. Invest in the fastest internet speed available in your area for the duration of the season.
  4. Air conditioning is more and more important nowadays. If your property gets hot inside during the summer months and can be uncomfortable for sleeping, even with fans, consider room air conditioners or a heat pump.
  5. Nice bedding and towels are really important. They don’t have to be expensive (take advantage of sales throughout the year) but comfortable bedding and newer, stain-free towels are noticed and appreciated. Three sets of bedding per bed and two sets of bath and hand towels (one wash cloth) per maximum occupant are standard.

Guests don’t want to sleep on bedding that a stranger just slept on the night before (yuck).  Bedding that can be changed out quickly, bedspreads and blankets that are lighter weight for efficient (and less expensive) laundering are the way to go.

  1. Mattresses are equally important.  Newer mattresses that are clean and comfortable are expected, even in cabins.  Good quality mattress pads and pillow protectors offer good protection. Well-rested guests are happy guests!
  2. Comfortable furniture that makes sense for your property’s style and maximum occupancy is important.  Think about fabrics that are stain resistant and as easy as possible to keep clean and nice looking. Avoid shabby, tired, uncomfortable, and ugly.
  3. Nice pots and pans, cookware, dishes and silverware don’t have to be expensive and are appreciated by guests.  Part of the reason people choose a vacation rental is to have a full kitchen to cook meals.  Stocking it thoughtfully is appreciated and noticed.
  4. Board games for adults and children are appreciated and encourage family time, especially for rainy day activities.  A little collection of thoughtfully chosen books is also appreciated.
  5. While most of our guests love having cable or satellite TV available (even if they don’t admit it) a smart Roku TV is more and more the norm and less expensive for the property owner. However, if you don’t want to go that route consider offering a TV with a DVD player and a few movies.

Think about what you would want to find when you arrive…

Guests have often booked several months in advance and paid significant money.  First impressions from the moment guests arrive and park their vehicle are critical, so do everything you can to remove reasons for complaints and disappointment, and, with plenty of help from us, you’ll enjoy the rental season and the earnings you receive.

So, if you’re an owner who likes the idea of creating an environment that guests will love, and want to make significant earnings in the process, we’d like to talk with you.  Call us at 207-412-8184, or email us at It’s a really enjoyable process when we work together and do it well.

“The house was great and interior is nicely done. Most importantly Brenda and Chelsea from Blue Hill Bay Property Rentals were excellent. They got back to us quickly via text with any questions we had. We couldn’t ask for more.”

Sharon, Basking Ridge, NJ

Published by Blue Hill Bay Property Rentals

We're a mother/daughter-in-law team and owners of Blue Hill Bay Property Rentals on Maine's Blue Hill Peninsula. We represent individually owned, unique, mostly waterfront and water view properties. We love this area of Maine that we've always called home. While a little on the quiet side compared to neighboring Bar Harbor, it's still bustling, and is home to amazing, diversified people who don't mind traveling a few hours to get to a big city (road trip!). Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor are just an hour's drive away and our area towns boast one-of-a-kind small businesses, award-winning restaurants, delicious take-outs (think lobster and crab rolls), galleries and shops. We're looking forward to introducing and sharing information that we think our readers will find interesting to experience when visiting the area.

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